Tuesday, December 9, 2008


At the risk of giving away this year's Christmas gifts, I wanted to introduce you to:


This is one of the best sites I've come across in a long time. It basically allows you to create your own cookbook, but it does so in an easy, elegant way. It's head and shoulders above any publishing tool I've used before, and it's dedicated solely to cookbooks.

Basically, you create a "Tastebook" and can fill it with your own recipes or recipes that you choose from their site. They have thousands of recipes from a lot of the big "names" in food. You just drag and drop them into your Tastebook. Or, you write your own, with room for your own personal description, photos and more. The font and design is very clean and professional-looking.

Then, you have them print off as few or as many books as you want - all hardbound binders that let you take the pages out and replace them.

And here's the cool part:

Say you order a 100-recipe Tastebook (for $35), but you only have 30 recipes. They will credit you for the other 70 recipes. Later, you can fill in those recipes and have them send you the recipe pages to pop in your Tastebook. You only pay for shipping.

No, I am not affiliated with them at all, but I did create my own cookbook with them. I took over 80 of the recipes that worked out great or that I make all the time and turned them into a Tastebook, complete with my own commentary on each of the recipes. Not only are they destined for gifts, but I'm excited about having them all in one place!

If you cook a lot, or just want a cool gift idea, I would definitely check them out.

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