Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookie Exchange

Here is my haul from yesterday's office Cookie Exchange:

As you can see, I made out like a bandit. (Actually, I had a lot more but I gave about half to J, because I am an awesome best friend.)

I had never been to a cookie exchange before. Basically, you brought a dozen or so cookies, and the recipe if you wanted, as well as a container to take your cookies home. We laid each type of cookie out on trays, with labels. Then each of us told the story of our cookies - why we chose them. what was special about them and any baking tips. We then descended on the table, and however many cookies you brought was how many you were supposed to take.

Except no one followed that rule and everyone yelled at me for counting.

Our extras were sold that afternoon to raise money for a needy family.

My favorites, above, were the prettily-decorated sugar cookies on the right, and the chocolate-drizzled meringues on the left. Also in there are my friend Risey's cran-white chocolate-oatmeal-deliciousness cookies (they probably have a better name). None of my little hamburgers made it home with me, having been dipped in mine and J's tea.

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