Friday, December 19, 2008

My 20 Things - Christmas Edition

Over at the blog The Inspired Room (which I love), Melissa's asked us to consider the little things that make Christmas special. This was a good exercise for me; there's been a lot of sadness this season (my friend's suicide, my 20-year-old cat's passing), but there's also been a lot of joy. A lot of it has just come from the simple things, and stopping to notice them.

Here's my list (in no particular order, btw), and I encourage you to go over to The Inspired Room and read more lists - then make your own.

1.) Smelling the scent of a real Christmas tree.
2.) Stealing the candy canes off the Christmas tree.
3.) Seeing the elaborate displays in the lobbies of buildings throughout San Francisco’s Financial District.
4.) Eating fondue on Christmas Eve.
5.) Attending Christmas Eve mass.
6.) Helping to decorate the church for Christmas Eve mass.
7.) Dressing Stelladog in a Mrs. Claus costume.

8.) Always having tons of candy in the break room at work.
9.) Listening to the soundtrack from The Charlie Brown Christmas Special.
10.) Watching The Charlie Brown Christmas Special!
11.) Viewing the gorgeous red lights on the huge tree outside my office window.
12.) Santarchy!
13.) Adding to my collection of ornaments in the annual Ornament Exchange with my Mom and sisters.
14.) Topping the tree with my wooden and tin star, so heavy that the tree ends up bending at the top every year.
15.) Reveling in that quiet that settles over everything as people start leaving for their vacations.
16.) Attending the Dickens Christmas Fair.
17.) Eating Starbucks gingerbread - with the thick spread of cream cheese frosting dotted with crystallized ginger
18.) Having my friends over for our annual Christmas party - lots of goofiness and playing games.
19.) Picking out just the right gift for people I love.
20.) Watching my daughter carefully unpack and set up her little snow village of ceramic houses, people and trees.


Terri said...

Hi Jenna - I came over from Melissa's link thingie! I enjoyed reading your list and was very sad to hear of your friend's death and your cat's passing. What a terribly hard time for you.

Your list is wonderful also! your dog looks like she LOVES her costume! ;)

My mother's cat passed away in early December. I wrote a blog post about it a couple of weeks ago - you should drop by for a read.
Merry Christmas and nice to "meet" you!

Terri in Canada

Maven said...

I too am here via Mr. Linkie. Merry Christmas and nice to meet you! I've been meaning to do 20 things blog too.

I'm so sorry about your cat and the loss of your friend, and grateful that you took the time to share your thoughts here.