Sunday, November 30, 2008


Welcome to The Cottage Witch, my new blog dedicated to what has come to be my favorite place in the world - my home. Is this a blog about magic? In a way. I do believe that there is something magical about home - a warm fire, soup bubbling on the stove, a cat purring in your lap. If your home is your sanctuary, then I believe you can find magic - and healing - there.

I bought my home a little more than three years ago, and it's been teaching me all that and more. Now, I'm known among my friends as the good cook, the "Martha" whose table is always decorated for the seasons, and the one you can always go to for a cup of tea and a place to recharge.

Funny, because three years ago, I was depressed, my place was a mess, my friendships were ... meh ... and I couldn't cook at all.

Living here, in this 100-year-old historic cottage, I've started to see the magic in the every day. When I do the dishes, it not only renews the kitchen, it renews me. When I make a new recipe, I not only have a nice dinner, I have something to add to my collection of recipes I'll pass on to my daughter one day. I'm happier, I'm healthier and my outlook on life has never been brighter.

Maybe that transformation can't totally be chalked up to my house, but it sure hasn't hurt.

Here I'll be chronicling my journey toward making my house a home. Come along...

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